Total Look: Glam Rock

Today is a special date with Total Look, because Serena suggest me a unique make-up.
Orange eye shadow, bold outlines and a metallic blue lipstick… wow!

Serena Make Up for Andrea Beck

Serena, it’s your turn 🙂

Serena: I suggest to Andrea Beck this unusual make-up after my journey in London, where I have seen a lot of particular styles in make-up and fashion.
So here we go to do it…

Base: apply a concealer of your skin colour and a colourless face powder to cover dark shadows, pimples and paleness.

Serena MakeUp for Total LookEyes: this make up remind Egyptians’ technique but colours used are different; whilst Egyptians used cobalt blue and gold, here I used a mat orange eye shadow, a brown eye pencil and a brown eyeliner.
Draw a light line with the brown pencil in the top part of the eye (see pictures on the left side) from the external to the internal part; the line must be visibile when your eyes are open, so you need to draw it above the normal eyelid line. The central point must be the higher part on the upper fixed eyelid.
When you finish, you can trace it with the brown eyeliner.

The external parts that close the draw must be curved and they must be connected with eyeliner through the border on the mobile eyelid.
Then, put the orange eye shadow in the area you have drawn.
At the end, if outlines will be covered by dust, you can trace once again with the pencil. Finally, apply the brown pencil in the internal part of the lower eyelid and mascara.

Lips: use a metallic blue lipstick. It’s not easy to find this lipstick, so you can use another product of the same colour.

 Andrea Beck: This is an eye-catcher make-up! Serena… good job.

My outfit’s choice:
– nailheads tank top by L’Agence
– black stretch jersey leggings by H&M
– black sleek lace-up boots featuring a metallic cap toe detail by Jeffrey Campbell.

We can say this Total look is ‘London inspired’: it’s rock, glam and a little rebel. It reminds me Brick Lane…

“See” you next week 🙂
Andrea Beck and Serena Make up artist

Total Look IV
L’Agence silk tank, $470 / H&M elastic waist pants, $9.67 / Jeffrey Campbell short heels


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