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Andrea Beck, cool hunter for PashionVictim (I episode)


Ciao pashioners! Come state?
Io sono Andrea e mi occupo di cool hunting e pubbliche relazioni in PashionVictim, quindi gestisco tutta la parte inerente alla ricerca e alla gestione dei brand che sono all’interno di PV. Oggi vi scrivo perché vorrei introdurvi un po’ nel mio mondo e presentarvi i brand che ho conosciuto e con il quale ho il piacere di collaborare!

PashionVictim vuole essere, prima di tutto, un luogo in cui possiate trovare proposte stilistiche inedite ed originali, un luogo di ispirazione, in cui poter condividere ed esprimere anche il vostro stile… purché sia Made in Italy e non scontato! Ma non è finita qui… 

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Collaborare è il miglior modo per crescere, insieme.

Da qui siamo partiti a collaborare, io e Laura Carolina, blogger di MakeUpWorld –; mesi fa ho voluto aprire sul blog la sezione Beauty & Make Up, essendo un settore che mi ha sempre incuriosito e strettamente legato al mondo della moda. Oggi la rubrica la potete trovare in COLLABORATIONS, dove troverete tutti i post dedicati al mondo della bellezza e dello shopping online. Nonostante gli impegni reciproci e il poco tempo a disposizione, abbiamo deciso di continuare a collaborare in modo libero e spontaneo, qualora l’ispirazione ci portasse di nuovo a qualcosa di bello… ed è così che è nato questo nuovo post. Continua a leggere


Welcome back followers!
Today I’m going to tell you something about me…

When I was a child I used to read Topolino,  a famous italian comic book series featuring Walt Disney characters. Many years has passed but the adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends are still in my heart and in my mind. I even remember some of my favourite stories which I read many times!

Minnie Mouse O.P.I.
I’ve been suddenly brought back to my childhood memories by the new O.P.I.’s collection Minnie Couture…I think Minnie Mouse is a cute and lovely Disney character and these nail polishes are the same in five shades inspired by  Minnie’s clothes.

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Hi, it’s hot and my desire to go on holiday gave me the inspiration to buy things these days: bikini, beach dresses and  flip flops! I’m thinking about my future holidays and it makes me happy in perfect style Enjoy!


This year I had a look at sales on because there are a lot of items by Antonio Marras, one of my favorite designers, since he started working for Kenzo. This is the sales period, with discount up to 70%, it is really a good opportunity to have a nice bikini to show in the beach. Shopping is very simple. Continua a leggere


Hi followers,
I’m watching on tv the World Aquatics Championships held in Barcelona and since the weather is very hot, here in Italy, I would like to stay in a swimming pool for hours like those athlets! Unfortunately I have to be satisfied with my shower and only with my imagination. When the temperature rises my beauty routine includes some simple but effective strategies against hot. I use to wash my face with cold water, it’s good to keep the skin tonic, then I choose some light and fresh products.

cooling beauty routine

Would you like to try? After the jump, the products you can use to refresh your skin while you are listening Drop by Cornielius. it’s almost like staying and playing into a swimming pool!

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Hi followers!

Finally the future King of England is born. The royal baby fever hit me, when I saw George Alexander Louis I was reminded of  the birth of my little prince! For a life event like this I choose personalized gifts, something different, something original. The new baby must be truly unique.

I want to suggest you, it is a Spanish site specialized in soothers customization. Over the years, the offer is grow up: pacifiers, bottles, bibs, chains, bodysuits, blankets, towels … everything you need for pregnancy and early childhood: practically from the belly to school!
Regarding this post, I found that even here there is the royal baby fever: there is a whole line called “Petite Royal“! When I saw it I smiled because a lot of things are pink so… poor George, he has not a lot of choice! Continua a leggere


There’s something I like to do every day: think about positive things! Find them in my head it’s not so hard, sometimes it’s just a colour or a perfume I like that makes me feel better!

Did you know that some beauty products are purposely made to provide happiness? For example, the makeup line Happy Booster by Physicians Formula: light and pearly powders with natural plant extracts and a pleasent scent of Violet. They have a hearts cascade to remind us that we have to love ourselves!


Glow & Mood Boosting Baked Bronzer

physicians formula glow & mood boosting baked bronzer

A thumping heart full of colour that can be used wet or dry for a dramatic or a natural sunkissed glow.

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