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If you are the bride’s best friend, you must be absolutely perfect because you might even meet your Prince Charming and the bride might need you! For these two reasons, you must have a dress and an impeccable pair of shoes, bright accessories and a large bag for a makeup emergency!

Obviously, for this special event, we will not worry about costs and we will choose from the best brands in fashion, all gathered in

homepage atelieronwebHere you can buy clothes, accessories, shoes and handbags for women and also for men.

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Stripes in Saint Tropez

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Wear this yellow dress
if you want to look back (Beck)
with these golden stripes
you will shine (alright)
walking on your light blue shoes
it’s a new vintage look
like a 50s diva apparel
holding on your vintage Chanel
tu veux aller à Saint Tropez et en Italie
cool, express your style (honey don’t mind)
this week is Stripes, this is my choice.

Andrea Beck

Stripes in Saint Tropez