Oggi ho ascoltato il nuovo album di Lady Gaga – ARTPOP. Sì, non è ancora stato pubblicato, ma ormai sul web è possibile ascoltarlo e io non ho perso l’occasione! Al momento evito qualsiasi opinione riguardo a questo ultimo album, ho bisogno di ascoltarlo con più attenzione, ma c’è una canzone che mi ha incuriosito ed ispirato: è Mary Jane Holland, che rappresenta l’alter ego di Lady Gaga, a cui piace tanto la marijuana. Ebbene sì, la canzone parla di questo…  Continua a leggere


70s Hangover

Hi guys!
Andrea Beck‘s 70s party is going on… do you know what to wear? Do you want to feel like a 70s woman?

Here I am, to suggest you a perfect look:70s Hangover
–  a vintage Elinor Gay‘s dress from the 70s, with a black top and a psychedelic coloured effects at the bottom;
late ’70s inspiration for these spectacular shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti, with multicolored geometric design and ankle strap;
– a pink shoulder bag in 70s style, so you can dance without cares;
– 70s original vintage sunglasses, featuring oval frames with bejeweled rims.

So… what are you waiting for? 🙂

Andrea Beck

Total Look: Dark Desire

Here we are… it’s Total Look day!
dark refined make upSerena would suggest you a vintage make-up with a contemporary touch, a 20’s eyes reminiscent. The make up she has created is dark and refined.

Base: apply a fluid foundation and a powder of the same colour, then a concelear.

Face: use a pink shocking blush on cheeks. Apply a black pencil on the lower border of the eyelid, in the external and internal part. Then, apply a black eye shadow in the upper eyelid so that the make up will notice when your eyes are opened. To create a continuity, connect the two parts made in the outside corner of the eye.

dark refined make up Continua a leggere

C43 Collection – Fog in the city

The fog is a typical accessory of this season, so today C43 Collection takes ispiration from it.

C43 Collection
Sleeveless dress, $32 / Chloé cape coat / Giuseppe Zanotti thigh high boots / Lanvin black leather glove

Night Out Collection

Night Out Collection
Night Out Collection di andreabeckmelegari – Fashion and Music go together

River Island white top
$23 –

Long sheer skirt