Denim Selection

To celebrate the denim week on Andrea Beck, today I made for you a selection of denim garments and accessories 🙂

  • sleeveless cropped denim blouse with spot printed collar by Fashion Union
  • vintage high waisted rainbow shorts by Levis 501
  • slip on denim sneakers by Vans
  • black and white striped backpack by Topshop
Denim Selection

Total Look: Metallic lover

Hi followers!

Metallic week on Andrea Beck is going on and today it’s Total Look turn, so me and Serena we would like to suggest you a metallic look from top to toe.
We have decided to play with the word ‘Metallic’ (adj. of metal) and the result is an experimental total look that personally I adore.

metallic make upWould you like to know more?
Play the song I chose for you as entertainment while you discover the Metallic Total Look… after the jump!

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