Ho conosciuto Dagmar un anno fa. Siamo stati compagni in un percorso a noi estraneo, fermo, senza una meta. Uniti nel disagio, é nata un’amicizia.

Posso definire questo cortometraggio come un primo approccio all’arte visiva di Dagmar. Una forma d’ arte in movimento, aperta e libera.

Andrea Beck




The new era of Andrea Beck starts with one of my personal project that I want to share with you: ‘Impressive instants’. Photo-grafics as non verbal communication: express my feelings, my emotions and my persona through instants of my life.

Pictures and post production are made by me. All photos are captured in different instants of my life and each one has a particular meaning. My aim is to give you the same emotions I felt during these moments.

Andrea Beck

The Angel of music: Mariah Carey

I want to leave Paradise sharing this live performance by Mariah Carey.
She is a real talent: she has an unbelievable voice, she can perform different music genres and I think she is and will the best singer ever.

Mariah Carey is and will be part of music history. She is my Angel of music.
Enjoy this great live performance!

Andrea Beck

Fashion Paradise

Dear followers,
I want to propose you again this fashion graphic I have realized with Polyvore. It’s perfect for the topic of this week, Paradise.

Tomorrow, me and Serena, we suggest you a new Total Look: how to look like an angel! Stay tuned! 🙂


Light Point – The darkness before the Paradise

Light Point is a series of self-shot made by me.

The darkness is all around me…
I’m afraid but there is a light in front of me… What is it?