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I’m watching on tv the World Aquatics Championships held in Barcelona and since the weather is very hot, here in Italy, I would like to stay in a swimming pool for hours like those athlets! Unfortunately I have to be satisfied with my shower and only with my imagination. When the temperature rises my beauty routine includes some simple but effective strategies against hot. I use to wash my face with cold water, it’s good to keep the skin tonic, then I choose some light and fresh products.

cooling beauty routine

Would you like to try? After the jump, the products you can use to refresh your skin while you are listening Drop by Cornielius. it’s almost like staying and playing into a swimming pool!

CLINIQUE – Liquid Facial Soap

Clinique Liquid Facial SoapA cool gel cleanser that rinses deep without drying the skin. I love it also because of its practical packaging with the pump to dispense always the right amount.

LUSH – Tea Tree Water

Lush Tea Tree WaterIt’s my favourite toner for my oily skin! Tea Tree helps to keep the skin clear and bright whenever you want: spritz directly on the face to get the maximum sensation of freshness!

ESSENCE MY SKIN – Deeply Moisturizing Paper Mask

Essence My Skin Deeply Moisturizing Paper MaskA pre-treated paper face mask with cucumber extracts, easy to use and easy to love. Lay the mask on your face and keep it for some minutes to get a wonderfully soft and fresh skin!

VICHY – Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-On

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Roll-OnThe most practical solution to reduce dark circles and under-eye bags with all the benefits of the mineral-rich Vichy Thermal Water . Try to keep it in the fridge before use to increase the cooling sensation!

L’OREAL – Hydrafresh Gel Cream

L'Oreal Hydrafresh Gel CreamEnriched with vitamins and essential minerals it’s a fast absorbing face cream that leave the skin perfectly hydrated and has a pleasant fruity scent. Available for normal/combination skin and dry skin both.

Now I’m going to take a long shower, the sultriness is killing me! But don’t worry, I’ll be back… the next week!

Laura Carolina



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