A WeWood watch to save the Planet

Hi followers!

There are very beautiful objects made of wood that only a creative mind can design.  Classic design + classic material, but never together … until today! Stand up for wooden watches sold on www.we-wood.com/.

homepage wewood

They have the classic design of steel watches, but they are made of untreated natural wood. These watches are beautiful, light and change over time. In fact, the wood will tend to dark colour, that is a guarantee of their naturalness.

wood watch wewood wood watchThe mission of this italian company is “A watch – A Tree – One Planet”, in fact Wewood collaborates with American Forests to plant a tree for every watch purchased. Their goal: to regenerate mother nature – a clock at a time. I think it’s fantastic idea!

The site is very comprehensive, there are also indications about allergies from wood and nickel, although it is assured that the hooks of the straps are nickel free and the possibility of developing allergies to wood is low. Prices are provided, there are 24 models that cost between 90 and 100 Euros and the mechanics are among the best. In the FAQ section, there are some videos about how to open the clasp of watches and how to adjust the size of wristband, it’s useful and simple.

Shopping is easy, just choose your favorite watch, considering that the color might be darker than in the picture. I recommend you to read the features listed above, there are practical instructions, for example how to use and clean the watch,the directions about the water resistance, etc. Then, you choose the payment method and enter your shipping information.

The methods of payment accepted are: credit card, Paypal, band transfer or cash with 6 euro (allowed only for shipment to Italy). Shipping costs are related only to purchase of a single product, for 2 or more watches shipping is free:
– € 12 in your country, delivered in about 5 days;
– EUR 25 for international shipments, delivered in about 8 days.

I recommend you to buy at least 2 watches, it is a unique gift and everyone will appreciate it!
You can send the item back within 30 days of receipt by paying shipping costs. If a fault occurs, there is a guarantee of 24 months: the watch will be repaired or replaced free of charge (all info are on the website).

I think I will buy two watches, one for me and one for my friend. I will sync them, so he will not be late for our next date!




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