Total Look: metropolitan nymph

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The wood week goes on and I have decided to title this Total Look ‘Metropolitan nymph’, inspired by Serena’s make up suggestion and my outfit choice.

make up pearly green brown

For this make up she used colors of the leaves and forest, to remind the topic of this week (wood). After the jump, the make up guide to look like Serena and my fashion choice.

Eyes: as you can see in the following pictures, apply an emerald green eye shadow in the upper area of the eyelid. Then, in the mobile eyelid that it’s not making up, apply a pearly khaki green eye shadow and a pearly light brown eye shadow in the fixed eyelid. Then, use brown eyeliner to draw a thin line that begins at the first inner half of the eye and ends at the end of it (as you can see below).make up pearly green and brown Apply a brown pencil and a khaki green mat pencil under the eyelid,which starts in the first half of the eye and ends the following points created with the bright green powder.
Trace your eyebrows and, finally, use brown mascara in the upper lashes.

Cheeks: apply bronzing powder under the cheekbone.

Lips: use a pearly raw sienna lipstick and a pencil of the same color.

Cool, I love this make up! It’s really coloured and bright, so I chose soft colours, a bracelet with a green diamond to reprise the make up and wood platform sandals. My fashion choice:

  • pastel pink dress by Patrizia Pepe
  • wood platform sandal with gold detail
  • gold-tone brass earrings with single hanging leaf motif by Amrita Singh
  • gold bracelet featuring green enamel diamond by American Apparel

Do you like it?

Total Look: metropolitan nymph

2b platform shoes

Amrita singh earrings

Bracelet bangle

2 pensieri su “Total Look: metropolitan nymph

  1. bello! prova a chiederle di fare dei post “alla Clio” con video ecc…dove spiega come fare ad applicare questi colori, e quali usa…. perchè a vedere così a me pare un po’ difficile da fare…..;)


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