Dream your red carpet with Luxyuu

Hi followers,

every day I imagine a red carpet in front of my house, where I can walk triumphantly to my mailbox, hoping to find an invitation to an exclusive party! I can’t have the dresses I have seen at Cannes 2013, but I can search exclusive offers on web. I try to find beautiful dresses on sale…  I try to find my personal kingdom!

homepage luxyuuToday I choose www.luxyuu.com  , the online store of one of the largest Italian outlet. Here I can find clothes, bags, accessories, shoes for men and women of past collections of leading international designers. Obviously, the sizes are few, but models are so many. 

Shopping is easy. I choose my item and I fill it in the cart, then I proceed with the fast registration, then I go on with the purchase transactions. Payment accepted:
– Bank transfer;
– Cash on delivery (costs 5 Euros);
– Credit cards Visa, MasterCard and Maestro;
– PayPal.
luxyuu why choose

It is my first time on Luxyuu, I found some online opinion and most of them were positive, then I am sure that items should arrive on time. In addition, on the web site there is a customer service section where there are many useful information and guarantees.

Delivery is made ​​by UPS and can be:
– Standard, costs 10 €;
– Express,  costs 18 €.

black dressexclusive dress

galliano dress

Now I’m waiting my package and … I dream my red carpet!




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