Total Look: Matching denim

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The topic of this week is denim, so Total Look goes to blue tone.
Our make up artist Serena suggest a blue eyes look, to reprise original denim colour, and I want to give you an idea for a casual outfit, using denim of course!

jeans denim make up

So we can start with the make up 🙂

Base: as always, apply a fluid foundation of your skin colour.

Eyes: apply a blue eyeshadow on the upper part of the eye and on your eyelid, gradate it and connect the 2 areas in the outer corner of the eye as you can see in pictures below. Apply a blue eyeshadow in the central area of the eye, then gradate it.

jeans denim make-up

Apply a white powder in light points of your face (all eyeshadows used are opaque).
Use a blue pencil in the lower part of the eye and apply black mascara in the upper and lower lashes.
Reamed your eyebrows with a pencil or a powder of the same color.

jeans denim makeup

Lips: use a trasparent gloss.

Today I tried to match denim with silver, trying to play with textiles and colours.  So my fashion choice is:

  • denim shirt by Topshop
  • silver mini skirt by Gat Rimon
  • white canvas sneaker by Defeeter
  • denim backpack with giraffe print by Topshop

We hope you like this Total Look idea…

Total Look: Matching denim

GAT RIMON mini skirt
$155 –

Canvas platform sneaker
$65 –

Topshop backpack


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