Ethnic style with Promod

East … odalisques … belly dance … Aladdin and Jasmin … Turkish trousers!

One of my favorite stores is Promod, a cheap and very particular French brand. I have discovered that it has an online store more provided than traditional ones, where you can find the entire collection that goes beyond the traditional sizes. Take a look to all women dresses at!

promod homepage

In these days you can find a section dedicated to ethnic style, so there are a lot of oriental items.  Buying is very simple: I fill the cart (if the item you have chosen isn’t available, you can choose to be notified when it will be), I put my personal data for registration and I can shop!
promodThe shipping costs are free if you spend more than 60 €, the delivery takes place in 8 days (in stores too), the payment is secure. If you want, you can return unwanted items free of charge, directly in the store or  by mail post (by paying) and you can replace them. I can pay by Visa and MasterCard, PayPal and special Paper Cado Promod.

Basically, if you like one item and in the store is not available, I can buy it in the online store. This is fantastic! I can check all the features of my pants and receive them at home, choose the one that I do not find in the store and sit comfortably on my sofa waiting my ACQUISTI!

Have a good shopping!


dress_promod Neck_promod




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