Total Look: Indian flair

Hi followers,
it’s Total Look day and we go on with our Oriental journey: me & Serena are landed in India 🙂

Serena’s make up is a dedication to all bindi girls around the world and my outfit’s suggestion is indian oriented but I chose garments that everyone can wear.

indian make up look

Let’s go to the make up&dressing room…

Base: as usual, apply a concelear and a fluid foundation of your skin colour.


  1. apply a black eyeliner in the upper and lower part of the eye and stretch it out;
  2. on the eyelid, apply a gold pearly eye shadow and go outside along the line made​​ before;
  3. on the fixed eyelid, apply a white mat eye shadow in the same direction;
  4. trace and correct the eyebrows with grey or black pencil, as you can see in the pictures;
  5. on your eyes socket smear on red / orange / coral lipstick creating 3 small lines.
  6. finally, apply a black mascara on the upper lashes.

Forehead:  drawing a red dot (real name is Bindi, which symbolizes a drop, a good omen for women) with a red pencil and outline it with black eyeliner. In the centre, put a diamond using the glue for eyelashes (remember bindi girls).

Lips: don’t outline lips with a pencil, but it’s better to go out slightly from the edges with a silver-colored lipstick. You’ll see the mouth’s shape, in order to emphasize the light and bright of the lipstick.

Regarding the outfit, I have chosen warm colours, a typical indian harem pants and a basic blouse and sandals, because I don’t like… too much. You know what I mean 🙂

  • sleeveless salmon blouse by SuperTrash
  • printed harem pants by Camila Raxevsky
  • gold toned chic sandals by DV Dolce Vita
Total Look: Indian flair

$98 –

Patterned pants
$98 –



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