Total Look: Metallic lover

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Metallic week on Andrea Beck is going on and today it’s Total Look turn, so me and Serena we would like to suggest you a metallic look from top to toe.
We have decided to play with the word ‘Metallic’ (adj. of metal) and the result is an experimental total look that personally I adore.

metallic make upWould you like to know more?
Play the song I chose for you as entertainment while you discover the Metallic Total Look… after the jump!

… let’s start with Serena’s make up.
Base: as always, apply a fluid foundation of your skin colour.

Eyes: on the upper and fixed eyelid, apply a bronze and copper powders, already mixed together (I used Rose by Mac). This powder is mixed with a bit of water, in order to create a thick mixture that it adheres to the skin and it will be completely dried once applied.

metallic makeup

The makeup area’s boundaries are from the end of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. With the same product, draw a line under the lower eyelid: from the inside to the outside, create a long line. With the black eyeliner, fill the space between the two parts that you have just made (in the outer part of the eye) and connect it to the eyebrows, that they will be completely covered. In this way, a strong curve will be created. Finally, apply a black pencil inside the lower eye and apply a black mascara on each eyelashes.

Lips: mix together two pearly or metallic lipsticks, one bronze and one gold.

metallic make up

Cheeks: use a brown blush just below cheekbones to define them; then apply an illuminating powder or cream on the cheekbone and a bronze blush.

Do you like this make up? Now look at the outfit choosed by the stylist, Andrea Beck.
The make up realized by Serena is strong, it is worthy of a rock star! I didn’t want to choose a common style, so I try to imagine a rock star during the Oscars or an important party, with an elegant outfit that everybody can get it.

Rock and smart, this is the final result:

  • Black jersey long sleeved bodysuit by Fashion Union
  • Bronze Silk-lamé maxi skirt by Roksanda Ilincic
  • Black metallic shoes by Michael Antonio Rockford
  • Spikey diamante and chain necklace by Warehouse
Total Look: Metallic lover

Bodysuit top
$15 –

Warehouse jewelry
$24 –


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