Total Look: Angel

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welcome back to Total Look!

This week we are in Paradise, so we have to look like angels. Serena create a theatrical make up that everyone can do and I try to find an outfit that can be choosed for a special night.

angel makeup

Are you ready? Let’s start with make up!

Base: as usual (remember: use a liquid foundation if you have a nice and clean skin, use creamy or solid background if you have oily or imperfect skin).
Eyebrows should be linear: use a natural color pencil to point out them.

make up angelEyes: apply a light blue pencil in the lower eyelid and a white pencil in the upper eyelid, to make them bigger and to give more light. In the upper eyelid use a light blue / silver powder, then apply a creamy pearly pink eye shadow; fix it and put a white powder in the external part of the eyelid, to give light to the eyes.
Apply a white creamy mascara, that it is usually used for painting (called Supracolor), in the upper and lower eyelashes using a brush. Do not apply any powder.

makeup angel

Cheeks: apply a pink blush.
Lips: use a pink creamy pencil on lips.

 Now you have a celestial look! Andrea Beck, now it’s your turn…

Andrea Beck: My first choice was a long beautiful dress, but I have decided to suggest you an asymmetrical dress by Maison Martin Margiela and this shoes by Nude, with leaf-shaped patent fringe details.

It’s a realistic angel, an outfit that you can wear for a special occasion. Do you love this outfit? Buy it!

Maison Martin Margiela’s dress – click here
Nude’s shoes – click here

Total Look: Angel

Nude high heels
$100 –


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