When a beauty product makes Heaven a place on Heart

In everyday life, stress is a bad enemy of our beauty and wellness but with the right cleanser, lotion or body treatment, we can easily forget a bad day and enjoy a special relaxing moment.

Take a look at the beauty products I selected for you this week: they take care of you like guardian angels, they’re cuddles for your body and your soul.
Are you ready to reach Heaven?

LUSH – Angels on Bare Skin
lush angels on bare skin
Maybe this cleanser is strange at first sight but trust me, you will love it! Just add some water to a piece of this solid to turn it into an amazing cleansing milk; thanks to almond, kaolin and lavender, this milk leaves your face skin soft and divine.

CLARINS – Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

clarins blue orchid face treatment oil

If you’re stressed because of your dry skin, say ‘welcome’ to this “magic” oil by Clarins: it features 100% pure plant extracts to moisture, tone and revitalize dehydrated skin. Drops of heaven for your skin whenever you want!

L’ERBOLARIO – Hedera Bath Foam
l'erbolario hedera bath foam

When you ask for love and protection, Hedera may be the right choice. At the end of a bad day, just take a bath and let Hedera embrace you with its freshness, for a very special moment of wellness.

L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE – Aromachologie Relaxing Body Lotion

l'occitane en provence aromachologie relaxing body lotinTo keep your skin nourished and soft ,there are many products you can try but if you’re looking for something more, find out this body lotion by L’Occitane en Provence enriched with lavender, tea tree, and geranium essential oils to calm and relax your senses

THE BODY SHOP – Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion
the body shop peppermint cooling foot lotion

You have walked all the day wearing uncomfortable shoes and your feet are definitively knocked out?! Don’t worry, because you don’t need a miracle to revive them: just do a massage with this peppermint lotion and your feet will be light as feathers!

So which product is your favourite guardian angel?

Laura Carolina


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