Total Look: Peace & Love

How to have an hippie style?
We are here to suggest you a 70s ‘Peace & Love‘ total look, from top to toe. We start with Serena’s make-up idea…

70s make-up

Base: as always, apply fluid foundation, powder and concealer.

Eyes: they must be tearful, so the external corner of the eyes should tend to the bottom.
Draw the shape your eyes will have with a soft black pencil. The inner part of the eyelid (near the nose) will be the highest rounded point, while the external part of the eye will be the lowest (see pictures).To connect these two points, it is necessary that the line from the top cutting a bit of the upper eyelid’s outer part. Once you have done, shade the pencil through the eyelid.70s make.up
Under the eye, draw a line until the middle of the eyelid, and then shade the black line horizontally and vertically, in order to highlight the outer corner, as you can see in the pictures below. Do the same for border.
The next step is to apply a brick (internal part) and a dark brown (external part) eye shadow, to create a connection on the entire eyelid.

70s make up hippie

Finally, apply brown mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes, leading them through the outside. Eyes will be more tearful.

Lips: make-up on lips is not so important in these years, so I wanted to leave them imperfect; I used a ‘don’t get noticed’ pearly beige lipstick.

Cheeks: apply a brown or raw blush under cheekbones to make your face thinner.

This make-up is indicated to women that have amber, olive or tanned skin. Hope you like it! Now it’s time to see what Andrea Beck suggest for the outfit…

Cool, so this is my fashion choice:
– a red fringe tunic dress by Indah;
if you prefer to cover your legs, you can wear this 70s flare jeans by Les Halles;
– a 70s style platform sandal called Paris by Fergie;
a gold tone ‘peace’ necklace by Miss Selfridges.

Peace & Love 🙂

Total Look: Peace & Love
Indah hippie top / Les Halles jeans / Fergie shoes / Miss Selfridge white pearl necklace


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