Beck to basic: mineral make-up

natural make.upnatural make-up

Mineral make-up became more and more renowned and popular in cosmetics in the last years. This more natural approach in beauty care is really appreciated by a lot of women who have definitely turned to minerals. If you’ve never heard about mineral make-up and you want to know more about it, you are in the right place!

The real mineral make-up

Mineral make-up consists of a variety of products made up of stones and minerals, compressed in extremely fine powder through specific processes.
The formula is very simple (5 ingredients on average per product) to reduce allergy risks to a minimum: no nickel, parabens, perfume, alcohol, silicones or similar allergens. Without all the unnecessary ingredients, only minerals remains: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines, Kaolin Clay, Manganese Violet, Silica, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Chromium Oxides, and so on.

Many make-up products are sold as “mineral” but they feature some additional components which minerals are incorporated in, for example: silicones, parabens, petroleum products, emulsifying agents and so on. Read carefully the ingredients list: if you’re looking for a real mineral product, remember that it must be minerals only!

Good for you

Mineral make-up is safe and suitable for women with sensitive skin because minerals are naturally inert: they aren’t involved in any chemical reaction. Minerals like titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides offer a natural sun protection whereas Zinc Oxides have lenitive and healing properties (ideal to treat acne).
With mineral make-up products you can free your creativity by mixing mineral powders and obtain personalized and unique colours.

natural makeupnatural make up

Good for the environment

Mineral make-up products are totally natural. They don’t feature any polluting component and their packaging is reusable and recyclable. They don’t feature any animal products as well and they’re cruelty free because minerals are not tested on animals, so they’re perfect also for all vegan women.

Mineral brands: where to buy

Now you’re ready to discover the world of “magical” mineral powders! Just type “mineral makeup” in any web search engine and you will find a lot of brands and stores all over the world. But if you need help here are some references to start with:

–          bareMinerals – since 1995, it is the first and most famous brand of mineral make-up, winner of many beauty awards and sold in the whole world. What else you need to know?

–          Lumiere Cosmetics – a lounge beauty bar where buy all the mineral make-up products you need. Wherever you live and whatever your complexion can be, you will certainly find the best colours for your face.

–          Buff’d Cosmetics – the Canadian resource for mineral make-up, with a full range of colours available in sample sizes as well (the ideal choice if you’re a beginner). You can take your pick!

–          Jade Minerals – at first mineral makeup changed her life and then, it became her job: meet Katja, Manager and Founder of Jade Minerals, bringing you to the best service and products. It’s always a pleasure for her.

–          Neve Cosmetics – the Italian n° 1 brand of mineral make-up offers a wide selection of brushes and make-up products, including 100% natural pencils and a volumizing mascara. Shipment available only in UE countries.

Find out your beauty with mineral make-up: sometimes less is better!

Laura Carolina
Source: Makeup World



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