Total Look: Dark Desire

Here we are… it’s Total Look day!
dark refined make upSerena would suggest you a vintage make-up with a contemporary touch, a 20’s eyes reminiscent. The make up she has created is dark and refined.

Base: apply a fluid foundation and a powder of the same colour, then a concelear.

Face: use a pink shocking blush on cheeks. Apply a black pencil on the lower border of the eyelid, in the external and internal part. Then, apply a black eye shadow in the upper eyelid so that the make up will notice when your eyes are opened. To create a continuity, connect the two parts made in the outside corner of the eye.

dark refined make upThe make-up should be quite rounded, recalling the 20’s. Once you do that, to give light in the upper eyelid, apply black glitters…  it’s the element of surprise!
Then, apply a bit of hair gel outside the eye area and, with a brush support, dab glitters.
Every time you dab, you have to clean the brush with a piece of tissue paper to avoid a creamy mix with gel, in order to fix it . Proceed with this method gradually, going toward the inner corner of the eyelid. When you have finished, the make up should be uniform. Apply a black mascara on upper and lower eyelash.

Lips: apply a mat and dark orange/bricky pencil and a lipstick of the same colour.

To look dark and refined, I chose:
– Temperley London Catherine dress, that has a black lace panel underlaid with nude silk across the bust, while the sleeve has intricate sheer lace work to reveal the arm underneath;
– a vintage note from these leather platform peep-toe pumps by a great designer, Giuseppe Zanotti.

We hope you like our dark Total Look! 🙂
Andrea Beck & Serena

Total Look: Dark Desire
Temperley London sleeved dress, $2,800 / Giuseppe Zanotti platform stiletto heels


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