Total Look: charming emerald

Dear followers,
it’s Total Look day and we carry on with an emerald look.

Me and Serena have tried to create a discrete but not featureless look… so let’s start with make-up suggestion by Serena!

Base: as always, apply a high definition fluid foundation of your skin colour, so your face will be covered but nobody will notice! Then apply a face powder on top to fix the make up.

emerald make up eyesEyes: with an emerald eye pencil, draw a thick line on the upper and lower part of the eye, following your eyes’s features. Then, draw a soft line in the middle of your upper eyelid, as you can see in the pictures below (at the end, the line should goes up). Trace out the lines with a powder of the same colour (emerald), to emphasize the make up.
Finally, apply a white eye shadow between the two lines and where the eye is not made up, and apply a brown mascara on each eyelashes.

emerald green makeup

Lips: use an old-rose lipstick or similar. If you want, you can use a pencil to underline your lips profile.

Cheeks: apply a rose blush (not bright).

Andrea Beck: I like it, I think it’s an icy make-up 🙂
I love Nordic fashion because is basic and contemporary, a different kind of elegance compared to italian fashion, so this outfit is inspired by that style:

grey leather boots by All Saints, with thick platform and solid heel for durable wear;
– an emerald-green sleeveless dress by Acne, featuring an asymmetrical shoulder draping detail and a draped side skirt detail.

Total Look: unobtrusive emerald


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