Make-up: get your emerald look

Just a few hours after the New Year’s Eve, Pantone announced to the world the colour of the year 2013. Probably, you already know that it’s… emerald!

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

If you want to feel this inspiration, you can start adding a touch of this beautiful colour in your make-up. This selection of eye shadows and eye pencils may help you to find your perfect emerald look!

SLEEK – Eye Dust in Jet Set

sleek eye dust jet setA pearlescent pigment for a high-impact finished, for those who love strong and super coloured makeup. I suggest Jet Set but actually it’s quite similar to Scuba, so the choice is yours!

PUPA – 50’s Dream Luminys Silk n. 602 Intense Green

pupa luminys silk 602 intense greenA pastel nuance that can be used both wet and dry: from the new spring collection, 50’s Dream is perfect for a vintage-chic allure. It’s Limited edition.

THE BODY SHOP – Shimmer Cube Palette in Green Light

the body shop cubi scintillanti green4 little cubes full of iridescent colours in a practical packaging. This palette, with light and dark shades, is perfect to create a great variety of looks. It’s really hard to resist it!

CATRICE – Kohl Kajal n. 060 Don’t Be Mean To Green!

Scatrice kohl kajal 060uitable for a glamorous eye contouring but perfect to get emerald smokey eyes too. It could become your favourite eye pencil…

URBAN DECAY – Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Clinic

Turban decay glide on shadow pencil cliniche power of a beautiful, deep emerald in a creamy and waterproof formula. This pencil is definitely one of the UD best sellers, you can’t miss it!

These are some products already available in stores but expect a lot of new products in the coming months, as happened to Tangerine Tango last year – do you remember?

I can’t wait to see the inspired makeup that Serena is planning this week…stay tuned!

Laura Carolina
Source: Makeup World



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