Valentine’s day: Total Look

Dear followers,
happy Valentine’s day! 😉
For that occasion, we are here to suggest you a sweet and romantic total look.

rose make up

Make-up by Serena
Base: as always, apply a foundation and a powder of the same colour of your skin.

Eyes: apply a rose eye shadow on the eye crease and sprinkle it to the upper part (near the eyebrow) and to the lower part, on the mobile eyelid; in the last one, apply a salmon eye shadow, but you have to pay attention because

the difference between two colours shouldn’t be notice.
In the two light points (external and internal part of the eyelid) you have to apply a light blue eye shadow mixed with a silver one; apply this one near the upper and lower eyelashes too. Use pearly powders to have the same effect you can see in pictures below! Finally, apply a bordeaux mascara on each eyelash.

Lips: use a rose pencil to underline lips’s outlines, then apply a pearly rose lipstick.

I haven’t used blush because I don’t want to look like a ‘Barbie’ :), so I have chosen to focus on eyes and lips.
That’s all Princesses! Are you ready to kiss your Prince?

Outfit by Andrea Beck
Regarding the outfit, I want to suggest you something sweet and romantic: a pink dress by Paul Ka that seems a babydoll, shoes by Lanvin suitable for a special occasion and a lovely accessory as earrings by C. Wonder.

So you are ready to go out and spent a beautiful night, also without a boyfriend! 😉

Valentine's day: Total Look
Paule Ka shirt dress, $505 / Lanvin shoes, $625 / C. Wonder c wonder

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