Total Look: Modern Retro

Hello to everyone,
today I have a question for you: how to look like a modern retro woman? You can find the answer below, with suggestions of me and Serena!

The make-up by Serena Make Up Artist

Base: as always, apply on your skin a concelear to cover your blemishes, a fluid foundation and a rose or colourless face powder.

Eyes: apply a violet eyeliner on your upper eyelid (on the borderline with eyelashes), making a thin line from internal to the external part of the eye, where the line will go slightly up (see pictures below).
Then, apply a pearly black eye shadow in the upper part of the eyelid, as you see in the pictures below; glide the eye shadow into the external and the upper part, so you can notice it when your eyes are open. Finally, put a pearly colourness eye shadow on all eyelid and put a black mascara in the upper eyelashes.

Modern Retro total lookLips: outline your lips using a nude or beige pencil, then apply a lipstick of the same colour (opaque).

This is the final result!

Modern Retro Total Look

The outfit by Andrea Beck

My fashion choice wants to recall the tonality of rose, with a floreal accent:
– a dress by Vila Dawny, with a slightly trasparent material;
– shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, with black and red floreal fabric.

We hope you like this Total Look!
bye 🙂

Total Look: Modern Retro
VILA layered dress, $52 / Jeffrey Campbell red wedge heels, $195


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