Total Look: Be bright

Welcome back to Total Look,
today we suggest you how to be bright.

Serena: It’s a shiny, elegant, easy and fast make-up, perfect for the daytime.
How can you do it? Let’s start!
Face: apply a fluid foundation and a rose/colourless face powder on your skin (don’t use the last one if you have a dark skin).

Serena MUA for Total LookEyes: use a pearly old-rose eye shadow on the lid and on the superciliary arch , so when your eyes are opened the make-up will notice.
Use a bit of creamy silver eye pencil on your upper eyelid, drawing a line that going up and combine it with the eye shadow. In this way you will obtain a homogeneus result, with two visible colours.
Focus on eyesIn the external part of the eye, use a white eye shadow to highlight the part under the brow.
Finally, put mascara only in the upper eyelid.

Lips: use a colourness cocoa butter or a lip gloss to give a shiny effect.

If you want to look more formal, gather up your hair! 😉

 Andrea BeckCool, good choice using white and silver, it’s like a dedication of winter time! My choice for today’s outfit is…
– a cream wool benicia peplum top by Araks
– tailored crepe wool trousers by Roksanda Ilincic
– ankle boots by Nicholas Kirkwood
– giant 12 Midday tote by Balenciaga

Seeing that Serena has done a sober make-up, I have tried to make a coloured outfit, using rose and purple, and choosing special ankle boots.

We hope you like this Total Look advice,
xoxo :*

Total Look: Be Bright
Araks , $655 / Roksanda Ilincic wool pants, $1,160 / Nicholas Kirkwood platform ankle booties / Balenciaga color block tote

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