Total Look: Back to Basic

Hello to everyone from Andrea Beck & Serena, welcome back to Total Look!
Today we go back to basic.

Serena: I have thought about a traditional and easy make-up… it’s called ‘the eyeliner line’.

This is not the right definition, but it’s common used to explain the final result.
This make-up is focused on eyes: it’s simple, you can use it in every situation you want and you can choose to use a lipstick or not.

It’s an evergreen make-up, so let’s start to make it step by step!

Face: After covering dark shadows under your eyes, pimples and paleness on your skin with the right concealer, you can use a white/colourless face powder on top.
Apply a high definition fluid foundation of your skin colour, so your face will be covered but nobody will notice! Then apply a face powder on top to fix the make-up.

Eyes: apply a black matte eyeliner on your upper eyelid (on the borderline with eyelashes); make a thin line from internal to the external part of the eye, where the line will go slightly up. Finally, apply a black mascara on each eyelid.

You can choose to put a lipstick or not: in case, my advice is to use a clear gloss. The result will be a sober and natural look!

Andrea Beck: I appreciate your choice, Serena. Personally, I love nude look because it’s refined… sometimes we need to go back to basics, definitely.

So, my outfit’s suggestion is a bordeaux velvet dress – I love velvet and it’s a “must have” of this season too – and a pair of black suede Louboutin shoes.
In this world full of excesses, we need some sobriety: don’t you think?

total Look: Back to Basic
Adrianna Papell prom dress, $200 / Christian Louboutin platform pumps


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