Total Look: simple and attractive!

Wow, this is my post n. 100!!! I’m so happy to celebrate it launching a new blog section: Total Look.

Total Look is a collaboration with Serena Make-Up Artist; I want to create this section to give you a complete advise about style, from top to toe!
Having said that, now it is Serena turn to speak…

Serena: Hello to everyone!
Serena foto visoI’m Serena and I am a make-up artist.  I am very happy to collaborate with Andrea Beck, I love his blog and I’m honored to be a part of it.
For today’s outfit, I suggest you a simple and effective make-up. We want to get noticed!

It is a bold make-up , in order to emphasize your eyes.
I chose a dark blue mat; this color is not only for the evening: if well used, it’s intriguing even during the day, without being extreme. In addition, the blue is almost good with all eyes colours, except for the green ones that may be a bit dull; this time, I would recommend you to use a claret or a dark brown colour.

How doing that? …Let’s start!

Face: After covering dark shadows under your eyes, pimples and paleness on your skin with the right concealer, you can apply the make-up choosing a fluid foundation of your skin colour, a little bit opaque pink phard on your cheeks and an old-rose lipstick preferably mat.

Then, let’s go to the important part: the blue eyeliner!
Make Up by Serena for C43 Collection
Eyes: The eyeliner is liquid, so you must apply it with a thin brush in order to do a good job; you must follow the eyelid border to the external part of the eye, where the line will go up.
Then you should finish the make-up on the corner, blending the above and below part of the eye. Instead, in the opposite part, draw a line inwards, near the nose (see picture 3), so the eye looks big and interesting!
Finally apply a black mascara, even in the lower part of the eye.

I hope you like my make-up advice! 🙂

Andrea Beck: Fabolous! It’s an original and attractive make-up… good job Serena!

So my fashion advice is for a daytime outfit, for a girl/woman that want to be stylish (a violet city bag by Balenciaga and printed calf hair shoes by Madewell) and simple at the same time (blue skinny jeans by Cheap Monday and a yellow merino sweater by Esprit), without excess.

Andrea Beck and Serena: Be cool and beautiful! Don’t miss the next Total Look… every Thursday!

Cheap Monday , $64 / Madewell flat shoes / Balenciaga vintage handbag

5 pensieri su “Total Look: simple and attractive!

    • Il progetto Total Look nasce nel creare un look dalla testa ai piedi, quindi la nostra proposta è strettamente legata. In questo caso, io avevo già creato l’outfit e Serena ha studiato un make-up “su misura”… ma può avvenire anche il contrario, cioè Serena mi propone un make-up e io studio l’outfit adatto per quel tipo di trucco.

      Detto questo, il lettore è completamente libero di slegare le due cose e prendere spunto da uno o dall’altro, ma il nostro intento è che si apprezzi l’insieme 🙂


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